Synchronous 4channels video and data recording.

The video and analog data is easy to verify using the built-in LCD monitor.

Visual Data Recorder AQ-VU is a unification of a visual and data measurement.

Visual Data Recorder



AQ-VU is a visual data recorder with 4 channels video and analog signals that can be synchronously recorded and played back. Video and data can be verified or played-back without a PC using a LCD monitor and stand-alone AQ-VU. AQ-VU is a remarkable data recorder that can visually confirm a physical event without connecting to a PC.

Can be used as normal recorder

AQ-VU as stand-alone unit

  • AQ-VU records Video signals along with Analogue data.
  • Small footprint allows use in confined spaces.

Synchronised recording and reproduction

4 channels Video plus Analogue data.

  • Video signals and analogue signals are synchronised in frame.
  • Video signals and analogue signals can be seen together.
AQ-VU Video and waveform AQ-VU Video and bar meter
[Video and waveform] [Video and bar meter ]
AQ-VU Video and Overlap form AQ-VU Video only
[Video and Overlap form] [Video only ]

Zero accumulated delay errors

Video and analogue signals are recorded as a set frame, preventing accumulated delay errors.

No file error in case of interruption of power supply

AQ-VU uses its HDD as a linear device (like a tape), any data which was recorded before interruption of power source, can be reproduced.

Small and lightweight

Camera power derived from AQ-VU

  • Small, portable, compact package allows easy use of AQ-VU in the field (2.3kg).
  • Low Power requirements, can be run from both DC 10-17 volts and AC power sources.
  • Power for camera also supplied from AQ-VU, allowing it to be used in mobile environments, vehicles, trains, etc.


5 hours or continuous record function

5 hours recording

  • Record duration of 5 hours available utilising exclusive 40 GB HDD pack.
  • Endless recording mode also available, allowing use for monitoring, surveillance etc.


Searching and edit capabilities

Synchronised reproducing on PC

  • Connecting HDD pack to PC, video and analogue signals can be reproduced with synchronised using AQView software.
  • Easy search and edit facilities using AQView software.



AQ-VU External level trigger functionExternal level trigger function

Trigger function record, with level trigger

    • Level trigger, and Pre-trigger functions allow recording of conditions before the trigger point was achieved.
  • Reduced time to locate data.



32ch Synchronisation with LX-100 Series recorders

  • AQ-VU can be synchronised with other data recorders using the sync signal.
  • Controlling AQ-VU is also available using sync. signal.
  • Sync. signal


AQ-VU AQ-Net Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring

Possible to control and monitor via Ethernet

Using AQ-Net which is provided as an option, video and analog signals can be monitored via Ethernet.

AQ-VU can be fully controlled via network. Also downloading data files is possible.

Recoding and downloading are independent, so downloading data has no effect on recording.

*Downloading data file takes time longer than recording time.

*Video update timing is adjusted automatically.




Function specifications
Picture input function Input signal NTSC(Composite video 75ohm 1Vp-p)
Max Field rate 60fields/sec.
Camera 1ch-4ch
Indication function Video viewing 4 channels per screen or full screen viewing (selected channels)
Waveform/Bar meter Selectable waveform or bar meter (overlay)
Recording mode Start recording Push REC button for REC standby,push FWD button to start recording.
Trigger function record
External signal(START/STOP)
Stop recording Push STOP button to STOP
Trigger mode
External control (Start/Stop signal)
Recording mode OVER WRITE:Endless recording over writing old data.
HDD full:Stop recording on Hdd full.
Reproducing mode Reproducing Nomal,Reverse,Still,Frame advance,Block,Forward(×2,×4,×8),Rewind(×2,×4,×8),Slow(1/2,1/4,1/8),Slow reverse(1/2,1/4,1/8)
Searching Time search:Searching specifying Date and Time.
Event search:Searching specifying event.
Block search:specifying start and point.
Event mode Event list Up to 1,000 events can be set during the recording.
Menu Main unit settings Time correction, 30 seconds correction, Communication
Record settings Hard disk mode, Analog input ON/OFF, Hard disk initialization, etc
Monitor settings Character (date and time) / Bar graph selectable
External level trigger function Pre-trigger Set the recording time prior to the recording startcondition as mentioned above. Setting zero seconds is

equivalent to no (with not-delete) pre-trigger functionLevel triggerSet the level trigger threshold of designated channel.When the analog input signal exceeds the threshold level,

the recording begins.Record start conditionAnalog levelChoice one of 1Channel to 4Channel.A trigger direction against the threshold level. UP(default) / DOWNSet the level trigger threshold [example : +50% ]The recording time prior to the recording start condition [0 to 999 sec]External triggerWhen the START/STOP signal at the SYNC IN connector on therear panel is changed from L level to H level, the recording stopsManual operationIt is started with an operation buttonOthersInternal clockCorrection:Manual entry in Monitor screen, or 30 seconds auto correctionMain specificationsVideo specificationsVideo input4ch,BNC,NTSC VBS 1.0Vp-p 75ohmsVideo output1ch,BNC,NTSC VBS 1.0Vp-p±1.0% 75ohmsPicture data handlingQuantization frequency/bit:13.5MHz/8bitCompression format:Motion JPEG(Original)Channels and field

ch Pixel Field per sec.
1 720×240 60
2 720×240 30
3 720×240 30,15
4 720×240 15
4 720×240 60

Data specificationsInput4ch,Sampling frequency:2kHz fixInput range±1,±2,±5VOutput4chOutput range±2VfixQuantization bit rate16bits(LSB is used for ID code)Sampling methodSuccessive approximation type/Multiplexer typeOthersSync accuracy Sync signalStart/Stop signal input:Starts on Low,stops on Hi(polarity reversible)

Duration:100msec. or more. Repeat duration: 600msec. or moreSampling clock signal input:Sampling clock of measuring data (200kHz or less)Alarm signal output:Indicates malfunctions of this unitEvent signal input:Negative logic pulse or make-contact,+5V pull-up (10k ohms) Stores event on LoSerial interface signal: TTL input/outputEthernetTCP/IP 100Base-TXMedia2.5 inch removable HDD pack(USB Interface)40GBRecording time:About 5 hoursEnvironmentOperating temperature0℃ to 35℃ 10% to 80%RHSave temperature-20℃ to 60℃(Non-dew condensation)*Please pull an HDD pack out of the main body at the time of the transportation by all means.Safety/Electromagnetic RadiationComply with Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law Conform to VCCI Class APower consumption12V 2A(Without power supply to camera)Power sourceDC10V to 17VAC100V 50/60Hz (AC adapter)Dimension(W×H×D)Approx. 200mm×205mm×60mm(excluding tangs)WeightApprox. 2.3kg(Including 40GB HDD pack)Standard accessoriesManual,Veiw Softwarer(CD-ROM),HDD Pack,USB cable,BNC cable,AC adapter

Adapter cable for camera power supply

BNC conversion cable

HDD Pack




NI DIAdem 10
(Video and waveform)





FlexPro7 Professional
(waveform only)






(waveform only)




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