Data Recorders

TEAC data recorders have been designed for fast set-up, reliable recording applications in the field and in the laboratory. They are designed to provide cost-efficient data recording and front-end solutions.

A Comprehensive Family of Data Recorders. The TEAC family of data recorders combines superb basic performance with a host of special features – ease of operation and data processing, etc. – that respond to user needs.


WX-7000 Series

High-speed, multi-channel, and long time recording comparable to AIT data recorder
Wider dynamic range than the conventional recorder by adoption of 24bit A/D converter


Pursuit of “Usability” and “Speed”. LX-100 Series Endless evolution of data recording


Synchronous 4channels video and data recording.


Low cost data recorder for vibration measurement and an 8channel AD converter with a USB interface for laboratory use.

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