print ribbon

Why VersaMax?… TEAC’s new VersaMax ribbon for P-55 dye-sublimation thermal disc printer offers customers more media options to choose from including their favorite brand of media. VersaMax allows printing on virtually all thermal media, and even on some inkjet and silver lacquer media as well. So, increasing your media choices reduces your overall cost of printed discs. Plus, with VersaMax, there is no need to buy costly media kits any more.






  • More Media Options
  • Lowest Cost-per-print
  • Highest Yields in Industry

Unlike the Photo or Color production ribbons, VersaMax ribbon adds the proprietary adhesive panel to the 3 existing CMY panels. This primer layer (adhesive) panel makes it possible to print on the widest range of media discs available in the industry today.


VersaMax Brochure