Medical Video


Based on many years of experience and product knowledge of medical imaging and recording, TEAC introduces the UR-50BD, the solution for undiluted high-definition medical recording. UR-50BD high-definition medical image recorder supports not only industry standard NTSC/PAL formats, but also high-definition video/audio format to be compatible with several medical imaging modalities which tend to generate high-resolution images to be recorded onto BD/DVD media or archived onto external USB Flash Drive/HDD. Excellent quality recording provided by TEAC UR-50BD maximizes the efficiency of studies.


UR-50BD can record High Definition images and sounds to medias from Endoscopies and Ultrasound modalities,then computers and consumer players are able to play the medias.


  • All-in-One Unit with No PC Required
  • High Resolution Data Archiving via DVI (&HDMI™).
  • High Resolution recording media adoption for Blu-Ray™ and USB Fkash
  • Recorded Data to Removable Media is STB and PC Compatible.
  • Real-Time Direct Recording to Removable Media (Blu-Ray/DVD,USB Flash, USB Hard Drive, etc.)
  • Front Panel USB Port Provides Easy Access for USB Memory/USB HDD.
  • The Backed-Up Data (50GB x 2) on HDD Inside Can Be Retrieved to Removable Media for the Inexpensive (Digital File) Distribution of the Patient Study and Report.
  • RS-232C and USB Control

High Definition


NTSC/PAL Connection


Recordable media

Media Input Format
High-Definition BDAV (Only played on PC)
BD-R, BD-RE(Max 50GB) High-Definition BDAV
USB Flash Drive(Max 50GB) NTSC/PAL DVD-Video
High-Definition BDAV

Internal hard disk drive


Recording time


Image quality mode XP SP LP EP
Recordable time 50minutes 90minutes 130minutes 180minutes


Image quality mode XP SP LP EP
Recordable time 20minutes 30minutes 40minutes 50minutes


Image quality mode XP SP LP EP
Recordable time 20minutes 30minutes 50minutes 60minutes


Image quality mode XP SP LP EP
Recordable time 140minutes 180minutes 280minutes 370minutes


Image quality mode XP SP LP EP
Recordable time 140minutes 180minutes 240minutes 280minutes

Note: All recording times are about single layer.

Recording format

High-Definition MPEG-2 TS BDAV
H.264 BDAV

Input for Video / Audio

S-VIDEO 1Vp-p 75Ω Luminance
NTSC: 0.273Vp-p 75Ω Chrominance
PAL: 0.3 Vp-p 75Ω Chrominance
High-Definition HDMI
Audio RCA -8dBs 1kΩ unbalanced
HDMI with Video Input

Output for Video / Audio

S-VIDEO 1Vp-p 75Ω  Luminance
NTSC: 0.273Vp-p 75Ω Chrominance
PAL: 0.3 Vp-p 75Ω Chrominance
High-Definition HDMI
Audio RCA -8dBs 1kΩ unbalanced
HDMI with Video Output

Audio format

NTSC/PAL Dolby Digital RCA Analog
High-Definition Dolby Digital RCA Analog / HDMI
Sampling 48kHz/16bits

Power supply

AC adapter Input 100 to 230 VAC 50/60Hz
Output +15VDC Max.60W


W214×H117×D290mm   <Approx.8 1/2W×4 5/8H×11 3/8 Din>


4.7kg  <Approx.8.8lb>

Environmental condition

Operating temperature 5 to 40 deg C <41 to 104 deg F>
Operating temperature -20 to 60 deg C <-4 to 140 deg F>
Operating humidity 5 to 80% (No condensation)


RS-232C/USB(Virtual Serial Port)


External trigger input

6.3mm standard jack

Medical standard

Safety IEC6060-1, CSA60601-1, EN60601-1
EMC IEC60601-1-2, CSA60601-1-2, EN60601-1-2
FCC class B, VCCI class B
Certifications CSA NTRL/N
CE Mark
FCC Class B


  • AC adapter (by ASTEC DPS54-M)
  • Power cord
  • USB cable
  • BD-R Media
  • Metal fittings for DC cable Stopper
  • Rubber bush
  • Manual
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* Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : How much is the capacity of UR-50BD to record?
A : The maximum size is 8.5GB for DVD, 50GB is for BD and USB memory, and internal HDD is 100GB.
Q : How long can UR-50BD record?
A :  Recording times are listed under ‘Recording Times’ on the Specifications Sheet
Q : What is recommendation for the size of USB memory?
A : Recommendation is Over 4GB.
Q :  Is UR-50BD compatible with consumer recorders?
A : Yes. Medias that are recorded by UR-50BD are able to be played in some consumer players.
Q : Can UR-50BD record HD video to DVDs?
A : Yes. But it is only compatible with PC to play back.
Q : Can it display remain time of medias to record?
A : Yes. Push SET button when media is inserted.
Q : Can it record NTSC video and HD video at the same time?
A : No. User will need to select one input.
Q :  Is it possible to output an image of S-Video when the image is inputted from DVI input?
A : No, it is not.
Q : Can it display indicator during recording and playing?
A : Yes. Select SHORT in OSD ICON SETUP.
Q : Is it possible to stream videos?
A : No, it isn’t.
Q : What is the difference between MPEG-2 and H.264?
A : The difference is only bit rate.

UR-50BD PDF Download